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Public Procurement Portal

 Procurement Details

Public Body District Council of Grand Port
Procurement reference ONBW001-2019,ONBW002/2019-2020,ONBW003/2019-2020
Closing date 14 Feb 2019
Procurement description ONBW001-2019 Cons of Incinerator at Tombeau, Mahebourg ONBW002/2019-2020 Cons of Roads with Drains for Year 2019-2020 ONBW003/2019-2020 Cons of Absorption Drains for Year 2019-2020
Detailed procurement notice Notice for ONB 10.01.2019.pdf
Bidding documents
ONB W003-2019-2020 Cons Absorption drain 10.01.2019.pdf
ONBW001-2019 Incinerator Mbg 10.1.19.pdf
ONB W002-2019-2020 Cons Roads with drains 10.01.2019.pdf
Drawings ONB absorption drains 10.01.19.rar
Drawings ONBW001-2019 Incinerator Mbg.rar
Drawings ONB roads with drains 10.01.19.rar
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